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June 26, 2012
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Pokemon as an Ukiyo-e by thejedhenry Pokemon as an Ukiyo-e by thejedhenry
Pokemon, re-imagined as an ukiyo-e. Don't worry, it's not animal abuse. They love to fight.
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Given 2014-10-01
MiningForDegus Featured By Owner 3 minutes ago
This is a great concept. I love it. Authentic art style too.
pozolegirl Featured By Owner 22 minutes ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is such an amazing idea!!! Wow!
MinxFox Featured By Owner 25 minutes ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Great concept! Congrats on the DD! :D
AskChefShazameir Featured By Owner 28 minutes ago
I could get behind Pokemon set in the Edo era. Looks mystical rather than child friendly.
Luted Featured By Owner 28 minutes ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is fucking brilliant. 
invadermayhem Featured By Owner 36 minutes ago   General Artist
Needs 80% more Gary Oak. XD 
Odachi65 Featured By Owner 49 minutes ago  Hobbyist
Fantastic job. It's such an original concept as well. The "pokeballs" are especially cool.
sharknob Featured By Owner 49 minutes ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow cool! very cool!
YzzilLiz Featured By Owner Edited 58 minutes ago
Long ago, during the time where mankind was just beginning their triumph in the field of animation, there was one popular animated series that stood out above gthe rest. Because everyone knew the name and what it was about, no one was able to escape the mentioning of the work: POKEMON.
The series was so powerful in the minds of it's fans, that they can't help but always dream of this adventure to come true, so they may too go out and be free with creatures that they believe represent them in heart and soul. They wanted to create their own story, and live thelife of someone who can definately say: "I did it".
The first games that helped people acheive this dream came out, and many went nuts over it. They played the games and felt connected to this virtual world, no matter how weird the plots were, how impossible some of the pokemon's abilities seemed, and how pixelated it was.
But as they grew tired of playing in such a dull world, the company began to evolve their game, going on to featuring: bonding, playing, feeding, basically giving the player a feeling of emotion from their pokemon.
But wait, it didn't end here: improved graphics, improved storylines, interesring characters, trading, mini games, and so much more.
People all over the world, no matter what age or gender,race or form, feel much more connected not only to eachother, but to their pokemon as well.

No matter how alone they actually are in real life
equusamor Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
lol'd @ charmander
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